DUCTZ® has the experience and expertise to handle any air quality problems which may be present on offshore rigs. We are capable of performing a complete duct cleaning on these rigs which includes galley hoods and dryer vents.

One of our recent projects reflects our ability to handle any offshore rig air quality situation. In 2002, DUCTZ® sent 3 crewmembers to evaluate, clean, and sanitize the air conditioning ductwork on six offshore rigs located off the coast of Nigeria, Africa. The project was completed ahead of time due to our resources and capabilities.

Over the past several years, we have done testing and air quality services for many of the companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Our work on these rigs never interfered with the daily operation of the rig.

DUCTZ® of Louisiana's training and experience has made us the choice of leading marine and offshore companies. They call DUCTZ®, and they tell their customers about us. That's how we've discovered the success we've had for so many years. We hire quality, high-caliber professionals and provide only the most state-of-the-art services utilizing our patented cleaning process, while following all national guidelines and regulations on every call. Our technicians are NADCA certified and OSCHA compliant. Each technician is trained in DUCTZ'® own specific training program and is overseen by our in-house Safety Manager.