I was having a really nasty time with dust, dirty dust in my home. I could clean one day and there was dust everywhere the next day. I went to vacuum a return duct and was shocked by the filth in the return. I told my husband that is it, we have to solve this problem some how, some way. We agreed cleaning the ducts was a great start. Little did I know it was the start and finish of my problems.

I called the DUCTZ franchise owned by Tommy Hoopsick out of Colonial Heights, VA. I live in Richmond. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to work with Tommy. He was very respectful of our home and property. When he arrived, he listened to what my problem was and he was confident duct cleaning was what we needed and he further explained why. I felt very good about my decision but more importantly my choice of provider. He informed us of what he was going to be doing, how and why. As he began to work, he told me it was "really bad". The house is 65 yrs old and I don't think any of the ducts had every been cleaned. He was very forthcoming in that he let us see the filthy in the negative machine and pictures he had taken of one of the ducts in the stage of cleaning. I was so impressed with this young man and how he conducted his business and himself. He is a HUGE asset to your company. I only wish I could have the confidence in other vendors that I had in this man.

My husband and I had been thoroughly cleaning our home room by room. When Tommy was finished, the air in the house was so clear, clean and fresh we found new life to finish our cleaning. Now, it is almost two weeks later and I dusted the house today and I had very little dust and NO dirty filth. My house smells so clean and fresh and he told me it would. My ducts are working so well, you can hardly tell when I have cooked something. I am so happy and so impressed. I am so glad I found DUCTZ but especially Tommy. I don't wake up in the morning with a headache or scratchy throat any more. Nor do my husband and I cough all night.

I will recommend Tommy and DUCTZ with complete confidence.

Judy Campagne,