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Improving Air Quality for Families Throughout New York

At DUCTZ of Long Island, we know how important it is to maintain the quality of the air in your home so your family can comfortably enjoy each other’s company. Low-quality air can leave you feeling sluggish and stuffy. But when the air in your home is fresh, you breathe easier and can focus much better on the important things you need to take care of. Has your family been complaining about dust in the air? Then call us to speak with our team of air duct cleaning professionals about the wide range of services we offer. Our customers are our top priority, which is why we provide competitive prices on all our services.

Get in touch with our technicians in Patchogue if you need assistance with any of the following:

  • Air duct cleaning: The air ducts in your HVAC system fills with dust and debris over time. Our expert air duct cleaning service can eliminate all contaminants and airborne irritants!
  • Condenser coil cleaning: When the condenser coil in your air conditioning system jams up, it can reduce its efficiency. We can get rid of dirt and dust on your condenser coil before it damages your AC unit!
  • Duct sealing: When your home’s ductwork has cracks, gaps, or holes, it can cause climate-controlled air to leak from the vents without going into your home. Our duct sealing services allow us to locate and fix any weaknesses in your ducts!
  • Fire and water damage HVAC restoration: Has your home been struck by a fire or suffered extensive damage from flooding? We can eliminate mold spores from water damage and get rid of smoke particles that get trapped in your vents. Call today to ask about our comprehensive HVAC restoration services!
  • Microbial control cleaning: Without regular maintenance, bacteria and mold can start to grow in your HVAC system. With our specialized microbial control cleaning services, you can feel confident knowing your home is free from harmful contagions!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Although your lint trap is supposed to catch most of the lint that comes off your clothes in the dryer, it doesn’t pick up everything. This can be a serious fire hazard, which is why you need to schedule your dryer vent cleaning service with DUCTZ of Long Island today! Our professionals will gladly come to your home to inspect your dryer vent so we can locate any dangerous clogs before they start a dangerous fire. Remember, the longer the clog builds, the more likely it will cause your dryer to overheat. Give us a call at (516) 279-2882 to request your service today!

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

While cleaning your home’s air ducts might be the last thing on your to-do list, the benefits can vastly improve the air quality in your home.

Some of the advantages of regular air duct cleaning include:

  • No foul odors: Get rid of musty or dusty odors caused by your HVAC system. Our routine air duct cleaning services will keep bad smells out of the air in your home so you can breathe easier.
  • Reduce allergies: If members of your family have seasonal allergies, then you need to keep up with HVAC system maintenance. Otherwise, their allergies can get worse. We can allergy-proof your home from airborne contaminants today!
  • Improved comfort: Regularly cleaning your air duct allows air to flow through it smoother and more efficiently. Call us today if you want to feel more comfortable in your home!
  • Lowered utility bills: When your HVAC system runs efficiently, it requires much less energy to operate. We can update your HVAC system if you want to save money on your monthly utility bills.

Are you ready to schedule your appointment with DUCTZ of Long Island? Then call us today at (516) 279-2882 to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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