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    Scott Jasion


    I'm Scott Jasion, owner of DUCTZ of the Upper Bay Region. We take pride in giving you the best air duct system cleaning service available. Our service technicians are trained in the latest air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration techniques. Cleaning your ventilation system and doing the job the right way the first time is our top priority. At DUCTZ, we make sure that you are getting HVAC restoration and air duct cleaning service that you deserve.

    Experienced and professional Indoor Air Quality Professionals. We focus on the items that affect the Indoor Air Quality: HVAC Air Duct systems in your home. We are truly Professional Cleaners who take pride in our work, and take care of your home or business.

    We performs entire system duct cleaning services, including the registers, branches, trunks, on both the supply & return sides. We clean the HVAC unit too. While many duct cleaners use compressed air, we use a combination of compressed air and also CABLE DRIVEN BRUSHES that get the duct far cleaner than air alone.

    We TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of all ducts, so we can show you how clean we are able to get them.

    NADCA ASCS Air Systems Cleaning Specialist
    NADCA CVI Certified HVAC Ventilation Inspector
    NADCA VSMR Ventilation System Mold Remediator
    NADCA Certified

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