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  • It’s Time to Get the Dryer Vents Cleaned

    Laundry is a chore that most of us can’t avoid. We tend to take for granted the convenience that comes with owning a clothes dryer while overlooking the potential dangers of not maintaining it properly. According to the latest data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), between 2010-2014, clothes dryers and washing machines caused an average of 15,970 U.S. home fires each year, with dryers accounting for 92% of those fires. The leading factor contributing to ignition? Failure to clean the dryer vent. Take a look at some of the warning signs of a clogged dryer vent to prevent a dryer fire from happening in your home.

    •         Drying Time

    Have you noticed your clothes taking longer to dry than usual? When a dryer vent is clogged, drying time can double or triple. You might also notice that your clothes are not completely dry at the end of a normal cycle. If your dryer vent is blocked by a lint buildup, the air will stay in your dryer—keeping your clothes hot and moist.

    •         Clothes are Hotter than Normal

    Are your clothes hotter than normal when you take them out of the dryer, or is your dryer hot to the touch after running? If so, this is a sign that the dryer vent isn’t exhausting the air properly. Your laundry room might also feel warmer than usual. This could cause the heater and the blower in your dryer to wear out quicker than normal.

    •         Burning Smell

    If you notice a burning smell when your dryer is running, it’s probably from lint getting too hot. When your dryer is working harder because of a lint buildup, it gets hotter than normal, and this excess heat is enough to burn the lint, which is a major fire hazard. If this is the case for your dryer, discontinue use and call a dryer vent cleaning professional as soon as possible.

    Getting Your Dryer Vent Cleaned Will Help in the Long Run By…

    •         Helping to Prevent Fires

    The leading cause of ignition for home fires involving clothes dryers is a failure to clean the dryer. Lint is highly flammable and can pose a severe fire hazard when dryer vents aren’t cleaned properly and regularly. Surprisingly, clogged dryer vents can also cause carbon monoxide to back up into your home instead of being released outdoors.

    •         Saving You Time & Money

    Household appliances account for 13% of household energy costs, and refrigeration, cooking, and laundry top the list for energy usage. Give your wallet—and the environment—a break by cleaning and maintaining your dryer vents. A clean dryer vent improves airflow and allows your dryer to work at peak performance. A more efficient dryer will dry your clothes in no time and help lower your energy costs.

    •         Extending the Life of Your Dryer

    Appliances can be expensive—so why spend money when you don’t have to? When your dryer vent is clogged, the dryer needs to work harder and longer to dry your clothing, which makes it wear out much faster. Getting your dryer vent cleaned regularly can increase the lifespan of your clothes dryer.

    How to Prevent Dryer Problems

    The only clear way to prevent these dryer issues is by cleaning out the lint from your dryer screen regularly and through annual dryer vent cleaning and maintenance. DUCTZ has helped prevent homes from dryer fires for over a decade by ensuring your dryer vents are clean, operational and up to code. Your dryer vent should be cleaned every year by trained professionals. If you have a large family or your dryer is in the middle of your home, you may want to get your dryer vents cleaned more than once per year. Contact DUCTZ today!

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