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What are the benefits of having your dryer vents cleaned?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 clothes dryer fires happen each year in homes across America.

On average, these fires annually cause over 50 deaths, nearly 400 injuries, and over $236 million in property loss. A leading cause of these fires is the failure to keep dryer vents clean and clear of debris – which is to say, most of these fires may be easily avoided with regular dryer vent inspections and cleaning. That’s where DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchisees come in.

From our beginning in 1989, DUCTZ has found that consumers prefer service providers with a specialized focus. Unlike handymen, who can do a little of everything, or DIY fixes that don’t address the underlying problems, we focus on one thing: dryer vents. This level of expertise is hard to find, and our dedicated technicians are respected nationwide.

  • Although our top priority is keeping our customers safe, your DUCTZ dryer vent cleaning franchise will provide your community with so much more. By providing home and business owners with reliable dryer vent inspections and cleaning, you’ll also:

    • Extend the life of their dryers.
      Clogged dryer vents lead to longer run times, which can wear out the mechanical components of your dryer in a shorter amount of time. As lint builds up in the vent over time, it creates excess heat that can damage the dryer’s electrical components as well. When a dryer has properly cleaned and maintained vents, the machine will run more efficiently and lasts longer.
    • Improve energy efficiency in their home or business.
      When a dryer vent exhaust is clogged with lint, debris, and even animal nests, the restricted airflow means longer dry cycles. An inefficient dryer consumes more energy, which can cause a substantial increase in utility costs. Keeping dryer vents clean not only makes your customers’ property more eco-friendly; it also saves them money.
    • Extend the life of their clothing.
      Did you know? An impacted dryer doesn’t just cause increased energy bills but also increases the likelihood of expensive repairs and damage to clothing. Longer dry cycles and exposure to high heat can break down fibers causing clothing to fray.
    • Reduce the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:
      If you have a gas dryer, the carbon monoxide from the burning fuel is exhausted by the dryer vent system. If these fumes are not able to escape through the vent, carbon monoxide will enter your house.

    Colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide gas is difficult to detect but the effects can be devastating. Carbon monoxide (CO) can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it. According to the CDC, the most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are often described as flu-like. However, if someone were to breathe in large amounts of this odorless gas they may pass out or even die. Worse, people who are sleeping can die from CO poisoning before they have symptoms.

    To make sure that your family is safe from this threat, the CDC recommends the installation of a battery-operated or battery backup CO detector in your home. Place the CO detector where it will wake you up if it alarms, such as outside your bedroom.

    Additionally, have your dryer vent professionally inspected on a regular basis. Dryer vents are commonly clogged with a buildup of lint or other obstructions, such as bird nests. This clog will prevent exhaust fumes from properly exiting the vent line potentially leading to a buildup of carbon monoxide inside your home.

    Our DUCTZ professionals are properly trained to assess your dryer vent system and to develop a cleaning protocol to eliminate the buildup of lint and remove obstructions from your dryer vent exhaust line, resulting in a safer home and peace of mind.

    • Reduce the Risk of Mold:
      Did you know that mold can grow in a dryer vent line? How? Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture and a food source, such as linen or fabric. The combination of moist exhausted air and lint makes a dryer vent line the perfect environment for mold to grow. Therefore, property owners should have their dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis, to reduce the risk of mold and other microbial growth within the dryer vent.DUCTZ technicians can both remove the buildup in the dryer vent, but they can also provide solutions to improve exhausted airflow, thus reducing the risk of microbial growth.
    • Save Time:
      When your clothes are not dry after running them through a full dryer cycle, chances are the damp air from the dryer is not venting efficiently. In fact, one of the most common symptoms of a clogged or obstructed dryer vent is increased drying time.DUCTZ professionals are properly trained to remove lint, debris, and even animal nests from the dryer vent line, restoring proper airflow, shortening the drying cycle, and saving you time!
    • Maintain Your Dryer Vent Warranty:
      Many manufacturers require routine cleaning and maintenance to be performed by professionals to maintain their warranties. Failure to properly maintain this warranty can result in costly repairs or even necessitate replacing the dryer completely. For homeowners and especially multi-unit locations, it’s important to stay on top of routine yearly cleanings. For more information about dryer vent cleanings, multi-unit dryer vent cleaning, and maintaining dryer warranties for Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen units, be sure to download and check out our Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Brochure.
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