HVAC Restoration vs. HVAC System Replacement

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  • HVAC Restoration Saves Money and the Environment

    If your HVAC system has been impacted by fire, flood, smoke, or water damage, the insurance company will often weigh the restoration versus replacement of the HVAC system. Not only is HVAC restoration possible in most cases, but it is more cost-effective for the property owner and the insurance company.

    While HVAC Restoration is typically more cost-efficient, restoring equipment and ductwork is also better for the environment. Instead of discarding expensive equipment and ductwork into a landfill, let DUCTZ assess the system to see if HVAC restoration is possible. Your equipment often can be restored to its original condition, saving money and the environment!

    Can metal ductwork be restored?
    Metal ductwork can typically be restored after a devastating event (fire, flood, smoke, or water event). As long as the metal ductwork has not been directly burnt or does not have severe corrosion, the metal ductwork can typically be cleaned and coated to be restored to new, rather than having to be replaced.

    Can metal-lined ductwork be restored?
    Metal ductwork internally lined with fiberglass is fairly common in commercial spaces where there is a need for quieter spaces. If the internally-lined ductwork becomes compromised due to fire, water or smoke damage, the internal lining can often be removed and replaced, restoring the duct surface as it was prior to the event.

    Can fiberglass ductboard be restored?
    Fiberglass ductboard is very common in homes, especially new construction and homes in southern regions. Ductboard is easier and cheaper to construct than metal duct, has a higher R-value (the measurement of insulation), and is quieter than metal duct. If ductboard becomes wet at any point, the ductboard generally has to be removed and replaced. Although, if the event was purely a smoke or soot event without a water intrusion, the ductboard can typically be cleaned and coated to be considered restored. A visual and olfactory (smell) inspection should be conducted for any ductboard restoration project.

    Can the flex duct be restored?
    Flex duct is quite commonly used in spaces where it is anticipated that the duct will need to be replaced often or where there is a lack of space to construct a rigid duct. When flex duct becomes compromised due to fire, flood, smoke, or water damage, it is typically replaced. It is not common to restore flex duct and is typically cleaned only when there is non-adhered particulate in the duct itself.

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